HARO is Awesome
HARO or Help a Reporter Out is an amazing resource for brands looking to gain exposure and mentions internationally or in industry trade publications. Some of the world’s largest sites ask for sources to comment up to 3 times a day - what’s not to like?
Here's the Problem
It’s not that simple! HARO is hectic - dozens of requests are sent up to three times a day and they all need to be combed through for suitability. You then need to create a pitch that stands out from dozens of other PR professionals and even after that you may not get published or mentioned. It’s time consuming and disheartening and few have success!
Our Solution
Our service takes all of the hassle out of HARO and we provide you with the skills required to find the right opportunities and answer them in a way that gets journalists attention and in turn gets you published on these amazing publications. What’s more - our service guarantees for a single price - meaning you can be confident you get the return you require from your investment.
The Result
You get amazing placements, mentions and links on high quality and relevant media that will increase your brand awareness, grow your website’s traffic and also help your SEO. It’s a great quality, hands-off service that makes for some fantastic results and will help take your business to the next level!

Big Publications for Link Building

Some of the biggest websites in the world want your answers for their publications.

Get Mentioned

Give your opinion and get mentioned on industry and international news sites.

PR and SEO Wins

Most HARO mentions provide links - awesome for PR and search rankings

We Do All the Work

Benefiting from HARO is tough work. It doesn't need to be! We do all the work, so you don't have to.

We Submit and Get PR

We'll take on your account and provide quality daily submissions to relevant journo queries.

Big Wins

International publications and linked to mentions make for big wins for your business.

Get Mentioned in Big Publications Today!!

Start your Journey Today and Get Huge PR Opportunities.
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What is HARO Heroes?

HARO or Help a Reporter Out is a highly lauded PR service that provides journalists with opportunities to find sources for stories, while providing sources the opportunity to gain coverage. Sounds great! Yes, it does but it’s a lot of work. Anyone looking to gain wins from HARO will need to comb through hundreds of opportunities a day, then pitch something credible and intriguing to those sources. Finally, the likelihood is your answer will be one of dozens sent to any particular journalist. The result is, it’s tough to get featured and a lot of work. HARO Heroes takes the hassle out of getting mentioned on HARO and does all of the above. You just sit back and we pitch, answer and get published. It’s easy!

Why Choose Us?

  • High Quality Service

    Unlike many competitors out there, we provide a quality service from a UK based company.
  • What Kind of PR Opportunities does HARO Present?

    HARO is world renowned and some of the largest sites in the world ask for answers and input - everyone from Forbes to large industry relevant blogs.
  • Huge Benefits for Brands

    Mentions on internationally renowned sites create brand awareness, make for referral traffic and also help results in search engines.

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