HARO Heroes was founded in 2020. After having worked on hundreds of traditional outreach campaigns over 7 years in the link building/ PR area, often utilising HARO in the process, we soon realised that HARO was one of the most effective ways to gain the press required.

There is a growing demand for high quality placements and media mentions, secured in as ethical of manner as possible. HARO Heroes addresses this requirement and allows amazing brands with something important to say, a chance to grasp the limelight and also help journalists in notable publications along the way.   

HARO Heroes was founded by link building expert Cormac Reynolds and secures the highest quality, most relevant links for clients. 

A Word from Cormac:Cormac Reynolds

“I have spent almost a decade in the content marketing and link building/PR space. HARO is one of the cleanest and most cost effective ways to portray a brand as an authority in their field, while getting PR on internationally renowned websites.

“Yes, it is a time consuming process but we’ve developed the strategies and know how to maximise time x cost and in turn can bring you the results you require.”