The Premium ‘Help a Reporter Out’ Service

Sources and stories for journalists. Endless media and PR opportunities for those with a tale to tell.

Businesses, Brand Owners and Influencers

Get mentioned on an international platform or highly specific industry website. Grab attention, respect, organic traffic and brand awareness. Then nurture your relationships with your new-found contacts (for publicity that gets easier and a net that gets wider with each story you have to share).

Journalists, Bloggers, Vloggers and more

Get your word out for the stories you need. Then sit back as leads come to you.
Before we dig into the details as to how our service works, we’ll be straight up. There are a few others out there doing what we do. But there are none who guarantee 10 mentions. And 10 links. All for a single fixed, flat and (very) fair price.

Illustrative Packages

Every site is different and because of this we provide custom prices for each website. 

The prices below are illustrative and provide a good guidelines of the cost of 10x  DR50+ placements naturally achieved through our HARO outreach service

Small HARO Outreach Service Package

We pitch to 20 relevant HARO Queries 

We do all the work and you reap the rewards

Timescale: 2-3 Months + (2 links min guaranteed)



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Medium HARO Outreach Service Package

We pitch to 40 relevant HARO Queries 

 We do all the work and you reap the rewards

Timescale: 2-3 Months + (4 links min guaranteed)



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Large HARO Outreach Service Package

We pitch to 60 relevant HARO Queries 

  We do all the work and you reap the rewards

Timescale: 3-4 Months + (6 links min guaranteed)



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Here’s how the HARO Hero Outreach Service works

Building a brand is tough and the old-fashioned press release model is virtually dead. HARO has turned it on its head!
However, HARO isn’t perfect – it’s time consuming to pitch, demoralising to get rejected and for many it’s hard to make the hard yards. This is where we come in. HARO Heroes scrapes through HARO daily and finds the right placements for you. We then pitch you as the specialist you are and win you those precious mentions and links in huge publications.
Unlike other services we only charge when we get you 10 live, quality mentions in top notch publications. It’s about results after all!


We Discuss and Plan Our Approach 


Every brand and business is different. So, the first thing we do is discuss your business with you, talk about your assets – (people, knowhow and content) and then plan our approach for your site and brand. We need to know who you are, so we can pitch and get you in the press.

We Comb Through HARO and Pitch you as an Expert

HARO is a twice daily subscription service that is released Monday to Friday. Each issue has hundreds of listings for all types of requests. We comb through these listings and pitch your site to the relevant publications in a professional manner. Each HARO request can get hundreds of answers and that’s where we come in. We win you the much-needed attention of journalists.
We can then discuss details with the publications, hone our answer and provide the publication with the authoritative content they want and you with the PR that you deserve.


How long will it take to complete a order

Orders take around 2-3 months to complete, with links big beginning to appear after 4-6 weeks in. 

Your Service Seems Expensive

If you go to any link vendor you may be able to purchase placements on a raft of different international publications. However, you’re likely to pay $1500 a shot. If you 10x that $1500 that’s a lot more than we charge for our naturally won mentions to your site.  Our service provides you with  these through a natural and helpful manner for a lot less per link than the alternative – something Google loves!

Am I guaranteed to gain media coverage from this ‘Help a Reporter Out’ Service?

Yes. We guarantee at least 10% of your replied queries will end up as online links from DR50+ publications of merit. Now that’s peace of mind. If we don’t hit the mark with your paid number of requests – we keep on going.

How much does your ‘Help a Reporter’ Service cost?

Prices start at $749 for 20 pitches to business and mainstream sites. Prices for the service will vary for grey niches such as CBD, gambling, pharma etc We provide custom quotes to this end. 

What type of PR could I receive?

Among our network of journalists are connections from Forbes, the Daily Mail, the Guardian and many more large newspapers and online publications. There are also many industry-relevant connections, in trades ranging from digital marketing to construction.

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